our history.

since 1994.

  • 2009: INSEL becomes a Randstad business, maintaining its focus under  the new flag on the recruitment and selection of engineers and holders of  technical bachelor's degrees.

  • 2008: Randstad takes over Vedior  Holding in the spring, in _the_ acquisition of the year. Randstad Professionals  makes preparations for the integration of the Expectra Group (Expectra,  SmartForce, Sapphire, Expectra Group Life Sciences, Expectra Group Academy).  INSEL carries on operating under its own name.

  • 2004: INSEL and Expectra Recruitment Engineering merge into INSEL. INSEL is the business unit within Expectra Recruitment NV that focuses on the recruitment and selection of all technical and highly educated career profiles.

  • 2000: INSEL joins Expectra Group, subsidiary of Vedior Holding

  • 1998: Takeover by Vedior Holding

  • 1994: Creation of INSEL, short for Selection of Engineers NV