by engineers.

for engineers.

5 good reasons.

  1. By engineers for engineers: Insel is on your wavelength
  2. Exclusive vacancies in a variety of sectors and companies
  3. An efficient application process thanks to the Insel matrix, which reflects the actual market for your skills
  4. Our finger on the pulse wherever theoretical and applied science, education and business meet
  5. Insel as a vital knowledge-sharing centre
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our business principles.

Insel endeavours to do business with integrity and in conformity with certain core values. This is one of the principles we employ, as market leader in the area of HR services, to shape the world of work. 

Every Randstad employee adheres to several minimum standards (read our business principles in Dutch or in French) when dealing with candidates, other employees (direct colleagues, temporary workers, project collaborators, domestic helpers, etc.), customers, suppliers and other business partners. 

If someone suspects a violation of these business principles, they can express this suspicion via their regular (local) contact or via the local management. This is usually the fastest and most obvious way to broach a violation and rectify it. 

If the regular reporting channels are unsuitable or ineffective, there is a specific reporting procedure, but this is used as a last resort. Our Integrity Officer treats all reports received via this procedure with confidentiality. Corrective measures are applied if necessary. Although reports can be lodged anonymously, the investigation runs much more smoothly if the informant reveals his or her identity. 
Reports can be lodged to the Integrity Officer via an external body on the free number 0800 71365 or via the secured website. The access code is 42101.